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How ACEP is Funded

ACEP operates as a lean, agile research program.

ACEP relies heavily on competitively awarded, externally funded research projects to meet its mission.

• Over the past 5 years, an average of 82% of our funding has come from sources outside the Universtiy of Alaska budget.

• External funding includes federal, state, tribal and private funders sources.

• 32 current projects spanning a wide range of technologies.

Funding Facts About ACEP

  • *The $17.2M in ACEP externally funded projects does not include the following $8.3M that was expensed on collaborative research. 
  • $5.6M in funds from the Denali Commission were sub-awarded to other organizations. 
  • $2M was expended on grants/contracts led by ACEP affiliated researchers within other research units. 
  • $750k in capital improvement projects (CIP) was expended to support specific research initiatives.