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How ACEP is Funded

ACEP projects span a broad range of renewable and fossil energy technologies, from small community resource assessments to multi-million dollar program initiatives.  ACEP focuses on areas where Alaska can play a significant leadership role in technology development, and works with a wide range of funding partners.  While in the past energy research at the University of Alaska has been largely federally funded, ACEP has a diverse portfolio of funding organizations with the large majority (87%) based in Alaska.

Funding Facts About ACEP

  • ACEP currently has $15M in external grants and contracts, and receives $750k from the State of Alaska in base funding through the University of Alaska budget.
  • ACEP is almost entirely funded through competitive awards and contracts. 65% of ACEP’s projects serve specific needs of rural and tribal communities in Alaska.
  • More than 50% of the dollars brought in through ACEP projects are designated for our research partners in other departments within the University of Alaska system.

*ACEP base funding was increased to $750,000 for FY12. Some projects span multiple years.