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  • Monday, September 08, 2014
  • AHERC at Work: Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site Update

Project Description:

AHERC’s Tanana River Hydrokinetic Test Site just outside of Nenana, Alaska, is playing host to a dramatic build out in the summer season of 2014.  The site is being upgraded with office facilities in the form of ATCO trailer units, power has been run to the location and a pontoon barge will be onsite to give hydrokinetic devices a platform on which to be tested in the river.  This effort is all taking place to support a busy testing season which will feature AHERC’s prototype debris diversion system and a hydrokinetic device owned by Oceana Energy Company being deployed into the Tanana River in mid-August.

Project Update:

Tuesday September 2nd, the hydraulic lines for the winch were installed between the winch and hydraulic power unit. The davit was also installed on the barge and will be used to lower and raise equipment onto the barge as well as lowering measurement equipment into the river.

Wednesday September 3rd, Lines were made for connecting the winch to the truss and new shorter mooring lines were made for connecting the barge to the RDDP.

Thursday September 4th, wiring for the winch attached to the truss was installed. The truss winch will lower and raise the turbine along the truss when the truss is deployed in the river. After the winch was installed, the barge was positioned behind the RDDP and the winch and truss system were tested.

Friday September 5th, A dummy weight of about 1800lbs was installed on the truss to simulate the turbine. Once installed the barge was positioned behind the RDDP and the truss system was tested with the weight.

Photo: Pivoting arm the will be used to lower hydrokinetic turbines into the water on AHERC's barge .  Photo courtesy of N. Konefal, ACEP/UAF.