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  • Monday, December 21, 2015
  • Kirsten Williams wins URSA Award

ACEP Intern, Kirsten Williams, was recently awarded the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity (URSA) Spring Project Award for her project “Hydroelectric Technology in Alaska: Current and Proposed Developments.”

Kirsten has been helping ACEP's advisory effort to the Alaska Energy Authority related to the passage of SB 138.  ACEP’s part of the project involves determining what targeted, energy technology development solutions can be implemented in Alaska to make energy more affordable in areas that would not have access to a proposed North Slope natural gas pipeline.  Along with Kirsten's project on hydroelectric technology, ACEP is preparing technology briefings on wind energy, solar photovoltaics, biomass, Organic Rankine Cycle technologies, heat pumps, diesel technologies, energy storage, transmission, and integration technologies.

Kirsten Williams.  Photo credit M. Cassino, ACEP/UAF.