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  • Monday, December 07, 2015
  • ARENA endorsed by Arctic Council

The Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group has provided its official endorsement of the Arctic Renewable Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) program.  ARENA focuses on sharing knowledge related to microgrids and integration of renewable resources for remote Arctic communities. It includes a series of widely accessible pre-recorded web-based seminars providing introductory overviews of key arctic energy topics, and fully funded fellowships for in-person / in-field learning experiences in Alaska for a small group of individuals competitively selected from a multi-national pool of applicants.  On November 30, ACEP representatives met with a cross-section of Alaska microgrid industry, community and government stakeholders in Anchorage at the BP Center to review current status of the initiative. Follow-up discussions are underway to identify speakers and case studies for inclusion in the webinar series and on-site training, and to select sites for the field visits.  Seed funding has been received for initial definition of the program, and efforts are underway to gather the funds required to support its execution.  ARENA-related details will be available on ACEP's website in early January.  For more information, contact program manager George Roe at

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