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  • Saturday, June 23, 2018
  • Week of the Arctic: ACEP Director Presented on Fulbright Arctic Fellowship

ACEP Director, Gwen Holdmann was one of the Fellows sharing their experience as part of the inaugural Fulbright Arctic Initiative during the Association of International Education Administrators Thematic Forum on May 8th.

Holdmann’s experiences in the program have resulted in several new interactions with colleagues she met from across the Arctic, including evaluation of a Finnish biomass-powered combined heat and power system to be installed at the Big Dipper Ice Arena in Fairbanks.

An additional upcoming effort by a team of Alaskans will focus on helping communities in Nunavut, Canada evaluate their local wind energy resources.

On May 12th, Holdmann also presented How The Energy System of the Future is Being Pioneered in Alaska as a TED-style talk during both the Blue and Gold tracks of in the North by North Innovate Arctic event in Anchorage.

 Gwen Holdmann presents a TED-Style Talk during North by North events. Photo by J. Bittner