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  • Monday, September 02, 2019
  • 2019 Alaska Summit for Place-Based Resilience

ACEP will host a summit on placed-based resilience organized by the Office of Naval Research from Sept. 4-6. The summit includes a workshop to identify high-impact projects with potential for collaboration between the Department of Defense and Alaska community partners. Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines personnel from bases in Alaska, Hawaii and California are expected to attend, as are research, entrepreneur support, and DOE National Lab personnel from Alaska, Hawaii and Arizona.

The primary objective of the effort is to help the attending DOD participants and Alaska-based partners to coordinate activities and resilience efforts in Alaska and to curate potential projects for future DOD and non-DOD federal funding opportunities related to base resilience.

The last morning of the summit (Sept. 6) will include a briefing session and opportunity for stakeholder feedback on the outputs from the workshop efforts. Those interested in viewing or participating in the stakeholder feedback session can email to be added to the stakeholder virtual meeting.

The summit is part of the Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation and Commercialization program. ARCTIC is designed to promote commerce and partnerships between Alaska and the Arctic and the Pacific regions, via energy advancements achieved through resiliency research, technology development/deployment and education. ARCTIC is an Office of Naval Research initiative. Additional information about ARCTIC is available at