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Fuel Study

Alaska Fuel Use Study

Why is a fuel use study needed?

Alaska households face high energy costs and cold winters. However, there is no data on home heating fuel use for Kotzebue. The Alaska Center for Energy and Power at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is recruiting participants for an 24-month study on home heating fuel oil use.

How is the fuel study conducted

Data on heating fuel oil use will be collected through the use of heating fuel meters that attach to fuel oil vented stoves, such as Toyostoves and Monitor heaters. The heating fuel meters must be plugged in. The meters use less than 12 cents of electricity per month. The meter collects data on heating fuel use, temperature, and the date.

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Images: The fuel meter is noninvasive and attaches to the side of your heater.

All study participants will take an initial survey when the meter is installed in their home and receive $50. The survey asks questions about estimated energy use, energy cost burden, and the energy efficiency of the home. The survey also asks questions about environmental beliefs. At the end of the study, all participants will receive detailed information on their heating fuel oil use. Participants will be asked to take an exit survey. Participants will receive an additional $100 when the survey is completed. The meters will be removed at the end of the study.You must be at least 18 years old to take part in the study.

How to participate

Thank you for your interest in our study. We are no longer recruiting new participants for the study.