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KidWind Challenge - Step by Step and Deadlines





Download Teacher Packet


Submit application to

With Application

Submit signed Model Waiver/Photo Waiver for each student and teacher. Photo Waivers of students MUST be signed by their parent/guardians.

After Application is Received

Your KidWind Packet with kit supplies will be mailed to you from the Fairbanks ACEP offices. These supplies are free of charge and provide a useful starting place for building your turbines. Kit contents are described below.


Review the scoring criteria in the Teacher Packet. These sheets will give you detailed information on what is being judged in the competition, how to increase your team’s scores and additional Alaska requirements for the competition.

After Application

Perform the design challenge with your students. There are several curricula referenced in the Teacher Packet to use as a model for teaching this topic and incorporating the design challenge into your classroom.

March 30

Email to submit your wind output, team photos of wind turbine and model release forms.

April 13 - 30

KidWind Challenge Judges will travel to top 3 qualifying schools to evaluate and grade the students final wind turbine project. If this does not work for your schools timing please indicate that in your application packet.

April 30

Design Statement (presentation/report) submitted with appropriate identifying information included: team name, team members names (first and last), division (middle or high school), school name, teachers name(s).

April 30

Complete and submit your team presentations.  Team Presentations are due no later than close of business.  Email to

May 15

KidWind Challenge Champions winners will be announced and prizes awarded!

We have created this page as a clearinghouse for useful information. If you still have questions not answered on this page, please contact Melody Moen at