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Data Collection & Analysis (DC&A)

ACEP specializes in the collection and management of technical performance data from remote and isolated energy systems and offers a host of services that follow the life cycle of data.

Services are available for a number of customers, ranging from project stakeholders in need of independent in-situ performance characteristics of power systems to researchers in need of data for model design, validation and boundary conditions. From highly trained and experienced research staff and faculty, to partnerships with the University of Alaska Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), ACEP has the experience and tools to meet your data collection and management needs.




Analysis and Reporting:

• Detailed system analysis

• Automated Power Cost Equalization (PCE) Reports

• Automated emissions reporting • Instrumentation of systems

• Fully customizable daily, weekly, and monthly operational reports

• Flagging of undesirable operations

• Reporting at regular intervals

• Final reporting for a target audience

High Resolution Data:

• Customizable

• Quality controlled

• From a variety of sources

• Easily downloadable

  • Data Analysis and Quality Assurance
    • A critical component to data management is the accurate and appropriate formatting, quality assurance, storage, and analysis of data. ACEP has developed a comprehensive data management system that allows for technically sound, processed data and experience in data analysis.
    • Available Services
      • Identification of critical data needed for data analysis given specific project goals and monitoring and assessment needs
      • Automated, standard, non-interpretive reporting (e.g., data quality reporting)
      • Quality assured raw data with meta information
      • Technical assistance (refinement, monitoring, trouble shooting, etc.) with data acquisition-based quality assurance issues
    • ACEP Know-How
      • Proprietary software toolbox developed for general analysis and quality assurance
      • Experience in receiving ‘bad’ or limited data for analysis purposes
      • Typical baseline data available for comparative purposes
      • Access to UA faculty and computational resources
  • Data Storage and Access
    • ACEP has developed a comprehensive data management system that allows for technically sound, processed data that is securely archived yet easily searchable and accessible.
    • Available Services
      • Data storage and archiving with ARSC
      • Data access through the Alaska Energy Data Gateway
      • Targeted and customized data dissemination capabilities specific to project goals and reporting needs
    • ACEP Know-How
      • Proficiency with large data sets and open data formats
      • Access to ARSC’s vast data storage resources - webspace, database servers, technical support
      • Data conversion toolbox and metadata requirements developed
      • Highly flexible format - Numbers, text, images, GIS
      • University support and on-campus collaboration with similar mission - ARM (SANDIA)IARC, ARSC, GINA

ORPC Photo 2

Photo: ORPC Rivgen™ Hydrokinetic Turbine TGU (blue) and Chassis (yellow).  Courtesy Jason Meyer, ACEP.