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Internship Program

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power seeks bright, eager students with an instinctive desire to ask questions and solve problems for our ACEP Utility Student Internship, working directly with UA faculty mentors, professional research engineers and ACEP staff.

SPU at Minto
In September 2017, ACEP coordinated field work and community engagement opportunities for a group of engineering students from Seattle Pacific University. The students were in Alaska for 3 weeks as part of a program to complement their classroom learning with exposure to energy applications and operating conditions relevant to remote and austere settings. Their work included guidelines for community demonstration of evolving energy technologies, energy efficiency assessments, solar shading measurements, documentation to support operation and maintenance of a biomass heating system, waste-to- energy applications analysis, and HOMER modeling of an Alaska community.

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Opportunities

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power is on the cutting edge of applied energy research in Alaska. Since energy solutions are multi-disciplinary in nature, ACEP builds teams across the university system to answer the questions that will drive Alaska’s energy future, providing our students with a big-picture perspective for practical problem solving.

ACEP relies on graduate and undergraduate students to be integral members of the team, working side by side with research faculty and other staff as well as our industry and agency partners. Our student interns have a unique opportunity to build their skill while solving real problems for Alaska’s communities.

Our student employees have a unique opportunity to build their skill while solving real problems for Alaska’s communities, such as this Industrial Assessment Center Experience.

What Are We Looking For?

We welcome students from all relevant disciplines to work on our projects. ACEP will not compromise on the quality of students we invite to join our team. Only highly motivated, bright and curious students with an eagerness to learn, a desire to make a difference and a goal to build real life skills will be considered.  

Our future projects will demand students with the following skills, experiences or interests:

  • Engineering (electrical, civil, mechanical, etc.)
  • Geology
  • Natural Resource Science
  • Economics and Policy
  • Marketing, Communications and Outreach
  • Business Management