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ACEP’s breadth of technical expertise has been extremely helpful on a range of issues from alternative energy integration to resource evaluation and economic analysis for our energy options. It has been vital to have the ability to partner with ACEP on our energy projects and I look forward to continuing to work together closely in the future.

John Handeland, General Manager/CEO, Nome Joint Utility System

Collaborating With the Best

ACEP fosters a wide range of partnerships outside the university at the local, state, national and international levels to ensure our research is relevant, current and world class. ACEP partners with industry and private sector to meet the research needs of Alaska.

ACEP works with our partners in the following ways:

Sponsored research – As Alaska enters new territory in seeking options for affordable energy for our residents, businesses, and industries, many questions need to be answered to ensure we invest wisely in projects that will make a difference. Through applied energy research and testing, we can work to address specific technical, economic, social and scientific challenges. 

Neutral third party – ACEP acts as a neutral third party evaluator in testing new energy products and conducting independent performance verification of installed systems. 

Outreach and Education – ACEP is committed to delivering the information we generate to the people who need it to make informed decisions, not just in Alaska, but worldwide. We achieve this through our extensive website and Alaska Energy wiki webpage, offering seminars and courses on a range of energy related topics, facilitating rural training opportunities, and providing graduate and undergraduate research opportunities.

Energy Policy – ACEP provides data and analysis to inform key stakeholders involved in developing Alaska’s energy policy. Our focus is to help identify and answer key questions that can ensure the best information is available to make informed, practical policy decisions.

Joint Appointments – In order to build meaningful partnerships and maximize limited resources, ACEP has developed joint staff appointments with several other entities, including the Alaska Energy Authority and Tanana Chiefs Conference, a native non-profit organization representing the 44 interior communities.