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ACEP Research in a Nutshell

What does ACEP do exactly? We get that question a lot. We had some ACEP researchers tell us, in a nutshell, about their research and why it is important to Alaska and beyond.

Nathan Green

Nathan Green screenshoot

ACEP partnership with Southeast Alaska.

MicroFEWs Research

MicroFews screenshoot

Food, energy, and water security in Alaska’s remote communities. A collaboration with UAA, UAF, Stanford, and Canada.

Jeremy VanderMeer

VanderMeer screenshoot

ACEP’s innovation is used to size renewable energy storage systems for Alaska communities and utilities

Amanda Byrd

Byrd screenshoot

Sharing ACEP and Alaska communities’ research and energy stories.

Michelle Wilber

Wilber screenshoot

How beneficial and equitable electrification is helping Alaska residents.

Erin Whitney

Whitney screenshoot

ACEP’s solar research is helping private industry and residents get more out of their solar energy through collaborations with national labs.

Tom Marsik

Marsik screenshoot

Making Alaska homes healthier through indoor air quality innovation.

Henry Toal

Toal screenshoot

Helping remote Alaska microgrids collect data and be more efficient through ACEP innovation.

Baxter Bond and Alana Vilagi

Baxter and Alana screenshoot

How to heat homes more efficiently through ACEP innovation.

Dayne Broderson

Broderson screenshoot

Working with private industry to help US Department of Defense installations heat and use energy more efficiently.

Eloise Petrone Brown

Brown screenshoot

Helping remote communities reduce their high energy costs by exploring renewable sources of power.

David Denkenberger

Denkenberger screenshoot

Increasing energy efficiency through innovation.

Heike Merkel and Patty Eagan

AUSI Nutshell screenshoot

Training Alaska's future energy workforce.

Gwen Holdmann

Holdmann Nutshell screenshoot

Innovating to keep Alaska at the forefront of the global energy transition.