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  • Mission: Develop and disseminate practical, cost-effective, and innovative energy solutions for Alaska and beyond.
  • Vision: Alaska leading the way in innovative production, distribution, and management of energy.


Program Overview

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) is a statewide, university-led, applied research program based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. ACEP excels at being responsive to immediate and long term needs of residents, industries and agencies and focuses on research related to community and industry-scale power generation, transmission, heating, and transportation fuels. ACEP prioritizes its work on areas where Alaska has specific needs or where Alaska has a strategic advantage due to resource availability, unique circumstances, or location.  

ACEP Products

ACEP produces three primary products:

  • Information – ACEP provides decision makers with objective and reliable information.
  • Technology – ACEP works with industry to develop and test practical and innovative energy technologies.
  • Prepared, Professional Workforce – ACEP prioritizes building a workforce capable of addressing current and future energy needs.

ACEP Goals

Organizational Goal - ACEP is committed to building a lean, agile, responsive organization with a diverse funding portfolio. We strive to develop and nurture strategic partnerships both within and outside the University of Alaska that permit sharing of resources and allow us to target growth in areas where there are identified gaps. We are working to build a core research team with a strong drive for excellence, which understands scientific research is a public service.

We focus our efforts on research, outreach, and education as follows:

Research Goal. To move energy solutions from the laboratory to the market.

  • Discover. Build and manage a robust program to analyze the performance of existing systems as a necessary first step to designing the systems of the future.
  • Develop. Design, model, and test energy technologies and strategies leading to affordable and reliable power for Alaskans and other analogous regions in the world.
  • Remove barriers. Identify, predict, and work toward removing roadblocks limiting adoption and deployment of viable emerging technologies.

Outreach Goal. Provide stakeholders with information and independent expertise needed to make informed decisions.

  • Disseminate. Maximize opportunities to share ACEP and other energy-related research findings.
  • Advise. Serve as strategic and technical advisors.
  • Connect. Engage organizations, communities, schools and residents by providing relevant energy information that is relevant in their lives.

Academic Goal. Leverage UA academic resources to meet the energy workforce needs of Alaska and other relevant global energy markets.

  • Involve. Train, educate and mentor students through real world, compelling project opportunities.
  • Teach. Work with academic departments to develop and deliver an interdisciplinary energy-related curricula to provide college level, advanced learning opportunities.
  • Train. Support vehicles for our workforce to gain tangible, technical skills in technologies where Alaska can serve a leadership role.