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Become Our Partner in Making a Difference

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power at the University of Alaska Fairbanks solves Alaska’s energy issues to help provide a self-sustaining future for our state. We are passionate about improving the way energy is produced, transported and utilized for the benefit of Alaska’s communities, industries and individuals. We also believe solutions that make a difference here can be relevant to emerging markets and isolated grids throughout the world, utilizing Alaskan expertise and ingenuity to provide additional economic gain for the state.

Integration is a central feature of our program. Because many of the issues related to implementing innovative energy solutions are complex, our program must not only address the technical integration of new solutions with the realities of legacy systems, but must also look at integration from a broader perspective: integration of solutions into the social realities of a community, integration of the cultural fabric into sustainable energy solutions, integration of university researchers across disciplines and with community partners; and integration of our facilities and resources with those of our national partners. 

Why is Your Gift Important?

ACEP’s work cannot be done through specific research projects alone. We require the support of organizations and individuals interested in moving energy solutions forward for Alaska and beyond to provide much needed gap funding to help us achieve our goals.

Philanthropic gifts diversify our funding portfolio and provide greater flexibility for ACEP to focus on energy solutions essential to Alaska and beyond that may not be funded by a specific project.  Contributions from organizations, foundations and individuals are a critical element of our success. For more information on how you or your organization can make a contribution to support ACEP, please contact us.

The Educational Tax Credit

As a part of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, if you owe eligible taxes, you can claim an Alaska Education Tax Credit for your donations to ACEP.  A newly expanded Alaska Education Tax credit went into effect January 1, 2011, allowing organizations that pay Alaska corporate income tax to offset a significant portion of their tax liability.

The maximum tax credit that may be claimed in any one tax year is now $5 million.

More information can be found on the UAF Corporate Relations page or consult your accounting professional.

Alaska’s Unique Need

The work we propose is scalable to reach a large portion of the energy-challenged communities in rural Alaska, and has the potential for national and global significance. Reducing economic dependence on increasingly scarce and costly fossil-fuel resources, with the attendant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and improvements in local air quality, require multiple mitigation strategies, including increased energy production from renewable sources. Integration of renewable energy with fossil energy-based systems is a challenge at all scales, from MW-size wind farms to remote telecommunications sites. While our work is primarily focused on Alaska, it applies directly to developing nations as they become more energy-intensive, and to addressing resilience of the U.S. electric grid as the nation moves toward greater reliance on distributed generation sources.