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  • Tuesday, September 24, 2013
  • Passive Solar: Your Natural Solution Now

Arctic Sun invites you to join us for the final seminar in our Sustainable Energy Summer Education Series.

Passive Solar: Your Natural Solution Now.

“Passive solar may be the ultimate energy source, and was civilization's first designed use of any renewable energy. Passive solar refers to utilizing the sun’s energy without any mechanical systems or equipment involved—and, it is the only renewable energy that is truly free. There is no equipment to install or maintain, no moving parts to wear out or repair, and zero operational costs. Most people are familiar with the basic concept of south facing windows allowing sunshine to enter a house for light and warmth, but there is so much more to the concept and that you can do to increase your home’s solar gain. Arctic Sun’s General Manager Karl Kassel explores passive solar concepts and shares knowledge from his own passive solar building experiences. Join Arctic Sun for this informative evening on your natural energy solution.”