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  • Monday, April 14, 2014
  • Exploring Energy Efficiency & Alternatives: Cooperative Extension brings Montana Curriculum to the Interior

The Cooperative Extension Service is reaching out to ACEP researchers and other Alaska organizations for assistance in tailoring of the Exploring Energy Efficiency & Alternatives (E3&A) curriculum for use in Alaska.  E3&A is used in the lower 48 by land grant university extension services like those affiliated with Montana State University and the University of Wyoming to support the individuals, companies and schools that they serve.  Art Nash of the UAF Cooperative Extension Service is coordinating the overall interaction with ACEP input by Amanda Byrd, Chris Pike, George Roe, Jack Schmid, and Brent Sheets. Topic areas to be examined during review meetings on April 14 include home energy, micro-hydro, small wind, solar electricity, solar hot water, and others.  Developing some new modules, such as biomass, will also be discussed.


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