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  • Monday, April 21, 2014
  • Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Internship Opportunities Available

ACEP has selected three interns to travel to the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) this summer to work on projects of mutual interest. While ACEP-specific slots are already filled, INL still has some internship positions available for this summer and has asked ACEP to help spread the word.

“INL internships enhance the education of students in support of the Department of Energy's mission to provide opportunities to the nation's emerging workforce.  The majority of internships fall in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  However, INL is a multi-discipline laboratory which utilizes many academic areas to support its mission. INL internships, like the lab's research, span a wide range of STEM…” –Idaho National Laboratory

To learn more or apply, visit

For more information contact INL’s Internship Team:

Darrell Peek
Internship Programs Specialist • Idaho National Laboratory
Phone: (208) 526-1945 • Fax: (208) 526-1176 • Email:

Erin Hanson
Internship Programs Specialist • Idaho National Laboratory
Phone: (208) 526-0318 • Fax: (208) 526-1176 • Email:

Beverly Bean
Human Resource Intern Administrator • Idaho National Laboratory
Phone: (208) 526-3263 • Fax: (208) 526-1176 • Email: beverly.bean@inl.go

Or visit

Photo: Image courtesy of INL