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  • Monday, August 18, 2014
  • ACEP Team Partners with Boise State University for Efficiency Assessments in Kodiak

During the week of August 4, 2014, ACEP team members Nathan Green, Brita Mjos, Chris Pike and George Roe joined faculty and students from Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) hosted at Boise State University, Torie Baker from the Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, and Rebecca Garrett from the Alaska Energy to assist with assessments of energy and water use at three seafood processors in Kodiak, AK.  The three plants included a very large plant, a medium-sized plant and a smaller plant.  For all three businesses, there appear to be opportunities for efficiency gains in the operation of the large ammonia based refrigeration systems as well as lighting.  A report summarizing IAC-recommended efficiency upgrades will be available within 60 days after the plant tours.

Photo: Kodiak, Seafood Plant Inspection.  Photo courtesy:  Torie Baker Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program.