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  • Sunday, June 01, 2014
  • ACEP Welcomes its New Summer Interns

The ACEP Summer Internship Program is now in full swing.  In the last two weeks ACEP has welcomed aboard its new summer interns and on Monday, May 19th the program kickoff BBQ was held at the ACEP ATCO office units.  The BBQ allowed the new interns to mingle with each other and get to know their supervisors a little bit better.  Throughout the day the interns were also acclimated to the Institute of Northern Engineering and to ACEP by participating in several activities organized by Program Assistant, Marcia Cassino.

This year’s application process was as competitive as ever with 65 applications submitted and only 9 applicants selected to participate in the program.  Listed below is this year’s lineup of interns and what they will be working on.

Timothy Tschetter - AHERC
Jeffrey Roba – AHERC
Bhanu Samala – AHERC
Samuel Tappen –Economic Evaluation of Fuel Prices in Rural Alaska
Anastasia Thayer - Global Application Program
Brita Mjos - District Heating Research
John Venables - Solar/Wind Research
Nathan Green - Emerging Energy Technology Fund
Cory Luker – Biomass Energy Program

New ACEP interns eat lunch at the kickoff BBQ held on May 19th. Photos courtesy of MCassino, ACEP/UAF.