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  • Tuesday, April 01, 2014
  • Cordova Energy Efficiency Study

Marc Mueller-Stoffels, Phil Maker, and Abbas Akhil traveled to Cordova, Alaska at the end of last week to meet with representatives of Cordova Electric Cooperative, the sole provider of electricity to the town of Cordova.  Marc, Phil, Abbas, and the Cooperative’s leadership discussed how to better utilize the hydro power of the area in terms of energy storage and demand management.  The study is a collaborative assessment combining ACEP, Cordova Electric Cooperative, and Sandia National Laboratory’s expertise. It is funded through the US Department of Energy and Alaska Capital Improvement Plan.

Photo Caption:  Phil Maker, Abbas Akhil, and Heath Kocan examine the intake structure for the Power Creek Hydro Power Plant.
Photo courtesy M. Mueller-Stoffels, ACEP/UAF