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  • Monday, December 07, 2015
  • Korea Electric Power Company Visit

Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO) has announced its 2020 vision of "Global Top Green & Smart Energy Pioneer” program for its company. To prepare its company for this new challenge of being a “Smart Energy Pioneer,” KEPCO is reaching out to others who can help them address the issues associated with introducing high contribution renewable energy resources.  Recognizing GVEA’s recent experience with constructing the Eva Creek wind farm, and the pivotal role of ACEP in addressing similar challenges in microgrids, KEPCO is meeting with GVEA and ACEP on December 11 to discuss thoughts and strategies to incorporate more “green” technologies into the technology mix.  All three organizations are interested in smartgrid technology, microgrid technology, energy storage, and advanced control systems.  KEPCO is working toward a fully self-sufficient energy system in Gasado, Ulleungdo Island which is some distance from the Korean peninsula.

Logo credit KEPCO.