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  • Monday, July 06, 2015
  • Flywheel Poster Wins Peoples Choice Award at Showcase

On June 22nd, the CleanTech Showcase 2015 was held in Seattle, Washington.  As part of the Showcase George Roe presented a poster on a flywheel sizing study titled, “Development of Kinetic Energy Storage Systems for Island Grids” conducted by Hendrik Schaede, Maximilian Schneider, Jeremy Vandermeer, Marc Mueller-Stoffels, and Stephan Rinderknecht.  The study, a collaboration between the Institute for Mechatronic Systems at TU Darmstadt and ACEP, focused on integrating kinetic energy storage systems (KESS) into microgrids that utilize renewable energy sources with the aim of increasing diesel fuel savings.

The poster was well received and won the People’s Choice Award in the research category at the Showcase.

View the poster and the report.

Poster on KESS study.  Image credit ACEP/TU Darmstadt.