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  • Monday, March 09, 2015
  • ACEP Joins Practitioner Network for UN Sustainable Energy for All

ACEP is exploring possible knowledge export opportunities for Alaskan businesses and organizations that design our regions microgrids and keep them working.   ACEP recently became a member of the Practitioner Network affiliated with the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative which should provide some new avenues for Alaska to share its knowledge and expertise with other parts of the world. 

The challenges of high energy costs, isolated locations, widespread reliance on local power generation via imported diesel fuel, and difficult operating environments in Alaska are realities experienced in many other parts of the world.  We look forward to collaborating with our industry, utility and research partners in making available best practices developed in the Alaska context, learning from others’ experience as they address the challenges we all share, and collaborating to mitigate the adverse societal and ecological consequences of energy poverty.

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