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  • Monday, November 16, 2015
  • Series of Short Videos to be Produced on Research

Last Friday filming started for what will become a series of short videos featuring some of ACEP’s research topics.  Some videos will answer general questions about a technology area that members of the public might have. For more technical topics, the intended audience could be power plant operators interested in learning more about integrating distributed power generation in addition to traditional diesel generation.

Working with Molly Rettig from the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Art Nash from the UAF Cooperative Extension Service interviewed both Daisy Huang and Amanda Byrd at ACEP about biomass energy in Alaska. 

The video will be finished in the coming weeks and will be posted on ACEP’s YouTube channel:

Photo: Molly Rettig operates the camera while Art Nash interviews Daisy Huang about biomass energy in Alaska.  Photo credit M. Frey, ACEP/UAF.