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  • Monday, May 09, 2016
  • ACEP Director begins Fulbright Exchange

As part of her 18-month appointment as a Fulbright Scholar, ACEP’s Director Gwen Holdmann has begun her two month exchange to Iceland.  Her focus of research revolves around the nation's proficiency with renewable energy generation and how Alaska could potentially adapt their model of knowledge expertise to the state.

Director Holdmann will be out of the office through June 30th during her exchange.  While she is away she will available through email.  Marc Mueller-Stoffels will serve as Acting Director for ACEP for time sensitive issues during her absence.

For more information on the Gwen’s participation in the Fulbright Arctic Initiative view ACEP’s news web space.

View a video piece about Gwen’s participation in the Fulbright Arctic Initiative.

Logo credit Fulbright Arctic Initiative.