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  • Monday, May 21, 2018
  • ACEP Microgrid Research Included in DOD Workshop

ACEP’s George Roe joined colleagues from UAF, UAA and Sandia National Laboratory to highlight University of Alaska research as part of the 2018 DOD Arctic Science and Technology Synchronization Workshop held May 16-18 in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Researchers from all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, multiple U.S. Department of Energy’s national labs, Canada and Finland met at the U.S. Army's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory to discuss a wide range of science and technology topics related to U.S. DOD operations in the Arctic.

Roe collaborated with Abraham Ellis of Sandia on a presentation titled "Realizing Reliable and Robust Energy Systems for the Arctic," providing an introductory overview to ACEP's work with microgrids and related energy technologies.

George Roe and Abe Ellis celebrate ACEP-Sandia collaboration. Photo: George Roe/ACEP.