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  • Monday, January 29, 2018
  • Intern Collects Data on UAF’s Bifacial Solar Photovoltaic Test Unit

ACEP’s new student intern, UAF freshman Daniel Manley, will monitor a new solar photovoltaic test installation on the UAF campus.

Manley will monitor and conduct initial data analysis for the new bifacial solar photovoltaic system as part of his internship.

Bifacial solar PV panels absorb and convert sunlight on two sides as opposed to the more traditional monofacial panel, which only absorbs and converts sunlight on one side.

The installation project is funded and managed by ACEP and Sandia National Laboratories, with installation assistance from Fairbanks installer Greg Egan of Remote Power Inc.

Testing results will determine performance enhancements associated with bifacial solar PV technology in northern latitude locations.

This internship is funded through a Mentorship Award to ACEP researcher Erin Whitney through UAF's Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity program. ACEP is grateful for URSA's support.

 Photo: Daisy Huang and Daniel Manley stand with the new bifacial solar PV installation. Photo by Chris Pike/ACEP