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  • Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Update From the Field: ACEP Researchers Deploy Moorings in Beaufort Sea

ACEP researchers Nick Konefal, Jeremy Kasper and Paul Duvoy are in the middle of field research on the Beaufort Sea aboard the research vessel Ukpik.

Three oceanographic moorings have been deployed in Stefansson Sound, and a bathymetric survey has been completed in the region. Additionally, arrays of water and sediment sampling, and conductivity, temperature and depth casts have been conducted to characterize the area.

Research will continue with the deployment of a fourth mooring north of Stefansson Sound near Cross Island and a coastal weather station in Stefansson Sound. Once work is complete in Stefansson Sound, researchers will travel west to Drew Point to deploy a mooring for Sandia National Labs and complete a bathymetric survey complemented with additional sampling.

Research is generously funded by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Sandia National Labs.

ACEP's Nick Konefal and Jeremy Kasper deploy a mooring in Stefansson Sound in the Beaufort Sea.  Photo courtesy of Nick Konefal/ACEP.