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  • Monday, October 14, 2019
  • Wilber Helps Alaska Increase Solar Energy Use

ACEP Solar Technologies Program’s Michelle Wilber recently presented on solar photovoltaic energy in Alaska for the UA Anchorage College of Engineering Professional Development Seminars series. The seminars, hosted by the Alaska Society of Professional Engineers Anchorage Chapter, were Sept. 27 and Oct. 10 at the BP Energy Center.

Wilber’s projects include bringing more rooftop solar to Anchorage, helping residents in the Bering Straits region find solutions to the high cost of energy and developing Raspberry Pi-based solar irradiance loggers.

Solar PV technology is a nascent but promising energy option in remote Alaska microgrids. A growing number of community and residential-scale installations give an indication of the production and costs associated with solar PV in the state. Wilber, who also is exploring software to assess solar potential for a site or community, discussed challenges with available resource data.


Michelle Wilber is a part of ACEP’s Solar Technologies Program. Photo by Michelle Wilber.