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  • Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Browning Attends Offshore Renewable Energy Symposium

ACEP summer intern Emily Browning attended the International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy Symposium July 9-12 in Victoria, Canada. She presented a poster on hydrokinetic river turbines in Alaska and networked with many other students and professionals in the offshore renewable energy field.

INORE, founded by a small group of researchers in 2006, is an association of postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other professionals at early stages of their careers. They work in the fields of offshore wind, wave, tidal and ocean thermal energy conversion. INORE has over 1,000 members in more than 70 countries.

The symposium was limited to 50 participants to ensure good networking opportunities. It featured a field trip to Race Rocks, the site where the first 65kW instream hydrokinetic generator was deployed and tested. A workshop explored Python data analysis tools. Professionals from organizations such as Ocean Renewable Power Co., Pacific Regional Institute for Marine Energy Discovery and Marine Renewables Canada gave presentations.


Emily Browning stands by her poster that she presented during the INORE symposium. Photo courtesy of Emily Browning.