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  • Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Wind-Diesel Conference Inspires Student Intern

Chong Her, an ACEP utility student intern, attended the 2019 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop hosted and organized by the Alaska Energy Authority and the Renewable Energy Alaska Project.

The workshop drew industry leaders and academics to discuss implementation and integration of wind energy and diesel power in rural communities, with the aim of offsetting fuel consumption.

More than 21 organizations, including a few from Canada and Australia, made presentations. Topics included wind energy benefits, hurdles, research, and factors dealing with cybersecurity, system integration, alternative energy storage and going 100% renewable.

“This workshop was informative, certainly a great experience and exposure to renewable energy implementation,” Her said.

Her was able to learn about some of the integration hurdles that utilities face, and, from the academic perspective, he was able to learn about ongoing research and potential gaps.

“It was great to see the collaboration between utilities in Alaska on this matter, but more impressive, for me, was the international collaboration,” Her said of the conference.


Chong Her attended the 2019 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop. Photo courtesy of Chong Her.