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  • Monday, December 16, 2019
  • UAF-Bristol Bay Sustainable Energy Program Online Classes

A series of online spring semester classes hosted by UAF Bristol Bay Campus will explore wind, solar, power utilities and energy-efficient housing design. The classes are open to everyone in the community and the university system.

The classes are:

• Introduction to Sustainable Energy, ENVI F220, 3 credits, 15 weeks, Tuesday/Thursday 3:40-5:10 p.m., CRN 36875
• Energy & Society, PHYS 102X, 4 credits, 15 weeks, Tuesday/Thursday 5:10- 6:40 p.m., CRN 36892
• Alaska Energy Utility Lecture Series, ENVI F150 1 credit, 15 weeks, Friday 1-2 p.m., CRN 37946
• Basics of Solar Energy Systems, ENVI F150, 1 credit, five weeks, Feb. 5-March 4, Wednesday 5:20-8 p.m., CRN 37947
• Small Wind Energy Systems, ENVI F150, 1 credit, five weeks, April 1-29, Wednesday 5:20-8 p.m., CRN 37949
• Energy Efficient Building Design and Simulation, ENVI F122, 1 credit, three days, May 8-10, CRN TBD

For more information or to register, please contact Mark Masteller at or 907-414-0198.


Visitors view the solar installations on the Cold Climate Housing Research Center’s building in Fairbanks. Photo by Amanda Byrd.