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  • Thursday, August 11, 2022
  • Arctic Community Energy Webinar Series


ACEP hosted a free webinar series this summer to discuss renewable energy projects. The series will feature Alaskans sharing how such projects have helped communities improve their energy and food security. 

Participants can learn about advocating for supportive energy policy, working on renewable energy projects and understanding the technical aspects of energy integration.

Click on the linked webinar titles below to register. All webinars begin at 9 a.m. The dates are:

• June 27 — "Biomass-heated Greenhouses," Karen Petersen (Southeast Conference)  Watch the webinar here

• July 11 — "Wind Energy in the Arctic," Matt Bergan (Kotzebue Electric Association) Watch the webinar here!

• July 25 — "Multicommunity Energy Perspectives," Meera Kohler (Alaska Village Electric Cooperative) Watch the webinar here!

• Aug. 22 — "Policy and Energy," Chris Rose (Renewable Energy Alaska Project) Watch the webinar here!

• Sept. 26 — "Geothermal Energy for Power and Heat," Gwen Holdmann (Alaska Center for Energy and Power) Watch the webinar here!

Each webinar will be livestreamed online through registration links. Webinars will include a 15- to 25-minute presentation followed by time for questions and discussion. The presentations will be recorded and posted for access via the ACEP website. 

For more information on the Arctic Community Energy Webinar Series, contact Carolyn Loeffler at