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  • Monday, June 01, 2020
  • Workforce Development Crosses International Boundaries

As part of ACEP's larger workforce development strategy, the Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy works to build capacity through hands-on experiences and international peer-to-peer networking. This allows Alaskans to stay connected to innovations occurring around the world while also sharing their own expertise. ARENA is held in partnership with Canada, Gwich’in Council International, the U.S. and Iceland and endorsed by the Sustainable Development Working Group of the Arctic Council.

ARENA’s unique knowledge sharing program focuses on isolated power systems integration designed specifically for individuals living and working in remote circumpolar Arctic communities. Combining visits to communities and participant knowledge exchanges with presentations and laboratory demonstrations, ARENA connects current and emerging energy champions with hands-on learning experiences, mentors, and project development leaders from throughout the circumpolar north.

Inspired by her experience with the Iceland Geothermal Training Programme, founder and director Gwen Holdmann started the ARENA program as a means to catalyze renewable energy integration throughout the circumpolar north through peer-to-peer interactions and knowledge sharing, furthering ACEP's mission to disseminate practical, cost-effective, and innovative energy solutions for Alaska and beyond.


The 2017 ARENA participants in Iceland. Photo courtesy of Orkustofnun.