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  • Monday, June 08, 2020
  • Solar Power in Alaska May Be a Better Bet Than the Stock Market

“Why are more and more people outlaying their own cash to generate electricity when already connected to a stable energy grid? In a time of a global pandemic, some residents seem more determined to invest in solar energy.”

That’s an excerpt from a new article by ACEP’s Amanda Byrd on the increase of solar installations in Alaska.

The story explains some of the reasons an increasing number of Alaskans are installing solar power. As of March 2020, 1,087 customers with solar power participate in net metering on Alaska’s Railbelt grid.

The piece was written as the final assignment in a class led by 2019-2020 Snedden Chair Lois Parshley, an award-winning investigative journalist.

Read the full article here and read other stories as part of ACEP’s blog series.


A 5-kilowatt solar array on each of Eric Muehling's cabins generates over 8,500 kW throughout the year. Photo courtesy of Eric Muehling.