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  • Monday, April 20, 2020
  • Off-Grid Intermittent Energy

A new blog by UAF Cooperative Extension’s Art Nash looks at power systems for emergency or intermittent situations. Read an excerpt below and find the full article here.

“There are Alaskans who comfortably live off the electrical grid year-round. Others live in summer mining camps, research settings, fish camps or lodges and need seasonally reliable lighting, heating, means of cooking and refrigeration. Possibly some of these locations are also refuges during emergency disasters. Many residents have spent years tinkering with the ‘right setup’ of solar panels, propane, wind or even micro-hydro generation that augments generator usage, thus effectively setting up their own grid. This takes observation, time and money at various times of the year to install, operate and maintain.”


This 6.5-horsepower motor is powered by wood/producer gas, which runs the 12-vold DC alternator/charger. (Source: Mike Leister).