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  • Monday, December 20, 2021
  • Paper Examines Solar Still Water Quality from Multiple Water Sources

Solar stills evaporate water and condense it in a purified form on a cover glass. The process is similar to what happens in oceans and clouds. 

ACEP’s David Denkenberger recently published a review paper that examines the water quality of distilled water produced by solar stills from a variety of source waters, including bore well water, water from lakes, tap water, and synthetic water. This work has yielded some useful insight into distillation from unique source waters. It also revealed that the cleaned water is compliant with international water quality standards.

Pressure on our clean water resources increases with the demands of a growing population.

“Desalting water is important for people in many parts of the world,” said Denkenberger. “Solar desalting provides an economical solution for remote and vulnerable communities.”

Want to learn more about David’s work? Check out his peer-reviewed paper here.

Waves crash on a Homer, AK coastline. Photo by Jeff Fisher