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  • Monday, February 08, 2021
  • New Peer-Reviewed Paper Explores Resilience in Modern Electric Grids

Demand for resilience is increasing on electric grids, and, at the same time, the structure and electricity generation profile is changing.

A new peer-reviewed paper, “Resilience in an Evolving Electrical Grid,” discusses the topic. It was published in the journal Energies by ACEP researchers Phylicia Cicilio, Richard Weis and Mohammad Kapourchali, in addition to others.

The paper reviews the research addressing the changing generation profile, state-of-the-art practices to address resilience, and research works at the intersection of resilience and generation profile in regard to modern electrical grids.

Read the full article at


The graphic illustrates the evolution toward power systems dominated by variable inverter-based renewable energy sources (VIBRES). Image taken from paper.