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  • Monday, June 28, 2021
  • Renewable Energy Infographics Developed for Rural Alaska

There is great interest in renewable energy among rural Alaska residents, and, in turn, there is a need for information. 

As part of the MicroFEWs project, which studies links between renewable energy and food, energy and water security in Arctic and sub-Arctic communities, researchers traveled to four communities in rural Alaska (Cordova, Igiugig, Kongiganak and Tanana). In each place, residents had expressed interest in infographics to help them better understand types of renewable energy and make more informed decisions for themselves and their community. 

Infographics are visual representations that provide information quickly and clearly. Using community feedback, the MicroFEWs team produced three infographics about solar photovoltaichydroelectric and wind energy.


Detail of an infographic produced by the MicroFEWs team.