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  • Friday, April 01, 2022
  • Don’t Miss Hydrogen in the ‘Hy’ North — 2022 April Virtual Workshop

Learn about what’s old, what’s new, why Alaska, why now, when it comes to hydrogen. On April 5-6, hear from subject matter experts in the comfort of your office or home through the virtual webinar “Hydrogen in the ‘Hy’ North: Decarbonizing Fuels.” 


The free webinar is rich with sessions such as “Hydrogen and the Arctic” and “Funding Opportunities for Hydrogen.” Hear directly from a senior research scientist, a hydrogen company president and a European hydrogen development manager, among other experts. 


Register now at This webinar is a buildup to three days of energy in spring at the Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference in Anchorage’s Dena’ina Center, May 24-26.


Mark your calendars for the upcoming 2022 workshops:

  • Hydrogen in the “Hy” North: Decarbonizing Fuels — April 5-6 — register now

  • Electrify EVERYTHING!? — May 3-4 — register now

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