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  • Monday, August 08, 2022
  • Congratulations Riley Bickford on Graduation and Innovative Success

Please join ACEP in congratulating Riley Bickford on successfully defending his thesis and receiving his Master of Science in mechanical engineering through UAF’s College of Engineering and Mines. His graduate advisory committee included ACEP’s Tom Marsik and David Denkenberger and CEM’s Rorik Peterson. 

Bickford’s research was focused in developing methods used to create and validate the Arctic Dual Hood —  a combined intake and exhaust vent for heat recovery ventilation in cold climates. The Arctic Dual Hood is an accessory that can simplify and increase the energy efficiency of residential heat recovery ventilation installations. 

“Right from the beginning, it was clear that Riley wanted to make a difference in the world,” said Marsik. “With this awesome attitude, he put a lot of hard work into the project and received a couple of innovation awards along the way, together with his team.” 

Bickford and Marsik won a 2019 Best Overall Invention Disclosure award from the UAF Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization and a 2019 Arctic Innovation Competition Arctic Kicker Prize.

Bickford worked with ACEP and the Cold Climate Housing Research Center on this project and was assisted by UAF’s Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization

The Arctic Dual Hood research was funded through the Alaska Regional Collaboration for Technology Innovation and Commercialization program, which is an initiative funded by the Office of Naval Research


Riley Bickford stands in UAF’s cold chamber at minus 40 F next to the Dual Hood heating and recovery ventilation system he developed with Tom Marsik as part of his master’s degree project. Photo by Tom Marsik.