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  • Sunday, May 08, 2022
  • Holdmann Featured in Alaska Business Magazine Cover Story

"If we want to continue to be an energy exporting state, which is very much what we see ourselves as, we need to understand those markets are changing internationally,” says Gwen Holdmann, director of the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at UAF.

The May issue of the Alaska Business Magazine focuses on oil and gas. The cover story, Colorless Green Ammonia Sleeps Furiously, featuring ACEP’s Gwen Holdmann and Arctic Innovator Nathan Prisco, looks forward to ways Alaska can move toward a carbonless energy future.

Holdmann, and a team at ACEP, have been looking to hydrogen as an energy resource in Alaska. Prisco’s Mighty Pipeline is the world’s first stable emulsion of ammonia and crude oil. Prisco likens it to super-powered natural peanut butter, whichwhen mixed well is a high-energy emulsion of water and protein, though over time this can separate back into the two parts. Prisco developed a low-cost, low-energy method of mixing the two components to be a stable mixture for use in pipelines and fuel systems.

Read more about Holdmann and Prisco and their work on decarbonizing Alaska in the May edition of Alaska Business Magazine.