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Data Collection & Analysis Services

We can’t control systems if we can’t measure them. Data logging and trending define our baseline operations, and if we don’t have good data to start with, we’ll be biased.

Amber McDonough, Siemens

ACEP specializes in the collection and management of technical performance data from remote and isolated energy systems and offers a host of services that follow the life cycle of data.  See also: Data Collection and Analysis research program

Who can benefit? 

  • Utility Managers can use ACEP’s robust storage repository and analysis capabilities. Our team will work with you to create regular, automated reports defined­ needs by the needs of your organization. Con­fidentiality is assured. 
  • Powerhouse System Operators can request customized, automated reports that display operational information — for example, engine fuel economy reports, renewable energy penetration reports, maintenance alerts, and power quality and full system analyses.
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies can verify the performance goals of relevant energy projects around the state.
  • Developers can leverage customized project and community analyses to inform investment decisions.
  • Researchers can gain access to a wealth of high-resolution data from publicly funded facilities and installations around the state.


Available Products and Services that make a Difference

Analysis and Reporting:

• Detailed system analysis

• Automated Power Cost Equalization (PCE) Reports

• Automated emissions reporting

• Instrumentation of systems

• Fully customizable daily, weekly, and monthly operational reports

• Flagging of undesirable operations

• Reporting at regular intervals

• Final reporting for a target audience

High Resolution Data:

• Customizable

• Quality controlled

• From a variety of sources

• Easily downloadable