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Power Systems Integration (PSI)

PSI Pubs Photo 2

Photo 1: Hard hats at PSI lab.  Photo courtesy of ACEP.

PSI Pubs Photo 3

Photo 2: Equipment inside PSI lab on UAF campus.  Photo courtesty of ACEP.

PSI Publications

Adding PV Capacity Initial Assessment and Recommendations for Galena, Alaska. 2014.  M. Mueller-Stoffels. 

Development of Kinetic Energy Storage Systems for Island Grids.  2015. H. Schaede, M. Schneider, J. Vandermeer, M. Mueller-Stoffels, S. Rinderknecht.

Improved Frequency Regulation in Mini-Grids With High Wind Contribution Using Online Genetic Algorithm for PID Turning.  2013.  R. Wies, M. Mueller-Stoffels.

Gridform Inverter Tests and Assessment.  2013.  M. Mueller-Stoffels, D. Light, G. Holdmann & B. Sheets.

Regular network model for the sea ice-albedo feedback in the Arctic.  2011.  M. Mueller-Stoffels, R. Wackerbauer. 

Reversability of arctic sea ice retreat - A conceptual multi-scale modeling approach. 

Preferred crystal orientation in fresh water ice.  2012.  M. Mueller-Stoffels. 

Preferred crystal orientation in quietly frozen freshwater bodiesposter.  2006.  M. Mueller-Stoffels, P. Langhorne, C. Petrich, E. Kempema.

Solar/Diesel Mini-Grid Handbook.  Power & Water Corporation, Austrailian Government, Austrailian Renewable Energy Agency.

Transient and asymptotic behavior in a regular network model for the ice-albedo feedback under thermal forcing.  2010.  M. Mueller-Stoffels, R. Wackerbauer.

Wind-Geothermal-Diesel Hybrid Microgrid Development: A Technical Assessment for Nome, AK.  2014.  J. Vander Meer, M. Mueller-Stoffels.

PSI Research Briefings

Research Briefing: Cost of unintended consequences when shifting generation sources.  2015.  M. Mueller-Stoffels.

Research Briefing: Demand response – acceptability, design and implementation.  2015.  M. Mueller-Stoffels.

Research Briefing: Small capacity energy storage for grid stabilization and reliability.   2015.  M. Mueller-Stoffels.

PSI Press Releases

Economic Development Administration Funds Launch of Alaska Center for Microgrid Technologies Commercialization

PSI Videos

Primary Microgrid Power from a Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle - Nathan Green, ASCE meeting Fairbanks, AK (February 2018)