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Project Summary

A robust data management program for the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Renewable Energy Fund (REF) project is critical to defining success both for individual projects and the program as a whole. For certain REF projects, as identified by the AEA, the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) will provide data oversight services and ensure that accurate and appropriate performance data is being collected by the grant recipient so that a project’s effectiveness can be accurately measured. 

Project Description

ACEP, with oversight from the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA), will collaborate with selected grant recipients of the AEA REF to develop a Data Collection Plan. ACEP will be responsible for overseeing the execution of the Data Collection Plans and for providing certain data management services (e.g., data storage, quality assurance, archiving, reporting of data) for AEA’s benefit.

ACEP project activities include the following:

  • Technical assistance to grant recipient with instrumentation specification, installation, integration, and configuration to collect the data points specified by the Data Collection Plan.
  • Together with the grant recipient, develop methodology for data transmission and storage protocols. Where possible, automated data collection will be prioritized.
  • Produce automated standard (non-interpretive) monthly reports for AEA and the grant recipient that will include aggregated plots and text of specific data collected and appropriate statistical measures.
  • Provide open access to the data not subject to a confidentiality agreement via the Alaska Energy Data Gateway that will allow data to be ordered and/or processed into a graphical and easy to understand format for AEA and other public users.
  • Perform site visits to review and support data collection activities.
  • Perform independent analysis of data at project completion to verify project results, energy production, and savings.

Next Steps

ACEP is currently working with the AEA and the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) to build on the previous Alaska Energy Data Gateway effort between ISER and AEA which was formerly funded under a DOE EPSCoR initiative.  This effort will populate certain data fields for the higher-level reporting supported by the Data Collection Plans.

ACEP is currently utilizing three projects previously funded under the REF to refine and finalize data collection and management methodologies. It is anticipated ACEP will formally begin data collection efforts under the upcoming REF Round VII solicitation.

Photo 1: High resolution data acquisition equipment at the ACEP Energy Technology Facility.  Courtesy of Todd Paris, UAF.

Photo 2: The GARN system in Gulkana, Alaska. Courtesy of D. Huang, ACEP/UAF.