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Project Snapshots

Two page summaries of ACEP’s research projects, findings, and recommendations.

ACEP Energy Solutions: Moving Energy From Lab to Market Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

ACEP in the Community Project Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Adding PV Capacity at Galena, Alaska Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Alternative Transportation Options for St. Paul, Alaska (pdf|985KB)

Biomass Boiler Evaluation Snapshot (pdf|972KB)

BlackBox Data Collection System Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Carbon Sequestration Project Snapshot (pdf|161KB)

Cordova Hydropower Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Diesel Fuel Additives Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Direct-Use Options for Hot Springs in Adak, Akutan and Atka Snapshott (pdf|1MB)

EETF 0 Investing in Alaska's Future (pdf|2MB)

EETF 1 Data Collection Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

EETF 2 Projects and Descriptions Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

EETG Project Snapshot (pdf|347KB)

EPSCoR Phase 2 Sustainable Village Energy Snapshot (pdf|988KB)

EPSCoR Phase I Making Wind Work for Alaska Snapshot (pdf|995KB)

Fairbanks North Star Borough Greenhouse Gas Assessment Snapshot (pdf|133KB)

Geothermal Energy Project Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Geothermal Resource Assessment Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Global Applications Program Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Ground-Source Heat Pumps: A Statewide Assessment Snapshot (pdf|802KB)

Kinetic Energy Storage Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Micro LNG Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Murdock Charitable Trust Building Capacity at the Tanana Test Site Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Nome Power Integration Options Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Organic Rankine Cycle Green Machine Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Pilgrim Hot Springs Geothermal Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Renewable Energy Fund 5-Year Analysis Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Renewable Energy Fund Data Oversight Snapshot (pdf|3MB)

River Debris Characterization and Mitigation Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Scenarios Based Energy Planning Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Short-Rotation Woody Biomass Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Solar Photovoltaic Case Study in Alaska's Northwest Arctic Borough (pdf|1MB)

Video Debris Observation System Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Wind for Schools Snapshot (pdf|1MB)

Yakutat Biomass Resource Inventory Snapshot (pdf|2MB)

Yakutat Wave Energy Snapshot Final (pdf|964KB)