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Research Briefings

Highlighted project synopses covering some of ACEP’s applied energy research.

Biomass in Bristol Bay (pdf|3MB)

Denali Commission Emerging Energy Technology Grant Research Briefing (pdf|3MB)

Diesel Fuel Additives: Use and Efficacy for Alaska’s Diesel Generators (pdf|2MB)

Direct-Use Options for Hot Springs in Adak, Akutan & Atka (pdf|4MB)

Economic Analysis of Propane Distribution to Rural Communities in Interior Alaska (pdf|2MB)

Global Applications Program Research Briefing (pdf|4MB)

Ground-Source Heat Pumps in Cold Climates: The Current State of the Alaska Industry, a Review of the Literature, a Preliminary Economic Assessment, and Recommendations for Research (pdf|2MB)

Microgrid Market Analysis: Alaskan Expertise, Global Demand (pdf|561KB)

Microgrids (pdf|2MB)

Nome Energy Storage and Geothermal Exploration (pdf|3MB)

Organic Rankine Cycle - Green Machine Research BriefingThe Green Machine: A Possible Means for Increasing Diesel Engine Efficiency in Alaska (pdf|2MB)

Power Systems Integration (pdf|3MB)

Research Briefing Demand Response. 2015. M. Mueller-Stoffels. (pdf|154KB)

Research Briefing Energy Storage. 2015. M. Mueller-Stoffels. (pdf|155KB)

Research Briefing Unintended Consequences. 2015. M. Mueller-Stoffels. (pdf|155KB)

River Surface Debris Mitigation (pdf|2MB)

Small-Scale Modular Nuclear Power: An Option for Alaska? (pdf|1MB)

Stranded Renewable Energy Resources of Alaska: A Preliminary Overview of Opportunities and Challenges to Development (e.g. hydro, ocean, wind, etc.) (pdf|2MB)