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Staff Opportunities

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power is on the cutting edge of applied energy research in Alaska. Since energy solutions are multi-disciplinary, ACEP has built our team carefully, involving affiliated researchers from across the university system and hiring carefully to keep our organization lean while developing specific, high priority skill sets to answer the questions that will drive Alaska’s energy future and inform solutions throughout the world.

If you are interested in joining the ACEP team, please see the job openings available through the University of Alaska Fairbanks online portal. Unsolicited resumes and cover letters may also be submitted to Jennifer Harris at for future consideration.

Current Job Openings

Student Opportunities

One of ACEP’s strategic priorities is to produce a prepared, professional workforce by training, educating and mentoring students through real world, compelling project opportunities. ACEP relies on graduate and undergraduate students to be integral members of the team, working side by side with research faculty and other staff as well as our industry and agency partners.

Contact Heike Merkel to find out more about becoming a student researcher at ACEP.

Current Job Openings for Students

No current job openings.

Internship Program

The Alaska Center for Energy and Power seeks bright, eager students with an instinctive desire to ask questions and solve problems for a rewarding internship experience.